Orchid shines in sunlight amongst tropical plantsAs a museum with a living collection, our exhibits, displays and plants are always changing. No two visits are exactly alike!

To get a feel for what you might see when you come visit the U.S. Botanic Garden, we encourage you to take our virtual tour. You’ll get a peek at our Conservatory, gated outdoor gardens and Bartholdi Fountain and Gardens, but the plant displays and exhibits are likely to be different each time you come.

Find lots more ways you can connect with the Garden from home at www.USBG.gov/AtHome!

Virtual Tour

We've worked with Google Street View to gather 360-degree imagery throughout the Garden -- both in the outdoor gardens and also inside the Conservatory! A few proposed starting points are embedded below. You can interact with them to look around and move in any direction. Every garden room throughout the Garden can be explored! Also, if you make the image full screen, you'll see a map in the bottom left that will show in blue all the pathways through the Garden where you can virtually visit. Enjoy exploring!

​Proposed virtual tour starting points:
Outdoor Gardens, Rose Garden:

Conservatory Interior, Tropics House:

Outdoor Gardens, Bartholdi Fountain and Gardens:

Audio Tour

Video Tours

  • Tour the Garden with Deputy Executive Director Dr. Susan Pell and learn about plant morphology. (Part 1 of the playlist below. See all videos by clicking the video's top right corner or click here to see the full playlist.)

Explore the Garden through historic photos

U.S. Botanic Garden at 200

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