Opening/ Closure Status

All outdoor gardens are currently open. The Conservatory and public restrooms remain closed, due to the closure of the U.S. Capitol campus buildings. Please monitor for updates on operating status. USBG resources can be accessed online, including educational materials, virtual tours, and online programs by visiting

Audio Tours

A woman listens to a story on a phone while outdoorsAs a living plant museum, there is so much to take in at the U.S. Botanic Garden! Consider an audio tour to learn more about the Garden's plants or collections.

The audio tour is availble in English or Spanish / Disponible en espanol.

Cell Phone / Smartphone Audio Tour

Use your cell phone to learn more about the gardens and plants at the U.S. Botanic Garden.

Smartphone / Web option

  • Smartphone users can stream audio tour stops by visiting
  • Choose English or Spanish.

Phone call option

  • To get started, call (202) 730-9303 then choose English or Spanish.

Enter a stop number to hear a story about the Garden. You may hang up and redial the tour at any time. During the tour, you can control the audio by pressing 1 to rewind the recording, 2 to pause/play the recording or press # to skip the recording. Normal fees apply to your call.

Sample audio tour stops:

Conservatory Stops (partial list)

Outdoor Gardens Stops (partial list)

101 - USBG Brief History

201 - Welcome to the Outdoor Gardens

102 - Garden Court

202 - West Lawn

104 - U.S. Exploring Expedition

203 - Pollinator Garden

109 - Murals

204 - First Ladies Water Garden

112 - Plant Conservation

205 - Regional Garden

115 - Orchids

210 - Amphitheatre

117 - Mediterranean

211 - History of the Rose Garden

120 - Medicinal Plants

301 - Welcome to Bartholdi Fountain and Gardens

126 - World Deserts

302 - Bartholdi Fountain

132 - Hawaii

301 - Kitchen Garden

134 - Primeval Garden

312 - Sustainable SITES Initiative

139 - Plant Adaptations

313 - Sustainability in the Garden

144 - Tropics

150 - Southern Exposure

153 - Children's Garden

Online Virtual and Video Tours

Explore interactive virtual tours and video tours on our Virtual Tours page.