You Can Grow It!

Girls gardeningYou Can Grow It!

February 18 - October 15, 2017
Conservatory Terrace and East Gallery

The world of horticulture is for everyone -- those with green thumbs and those green with envy. Growing and caring for plants might seem daunting, but this exhibit will help experienced and novice gardeners alike have more fruitful indoor and outdoor gardening experiences. Wander the exhibit gallery and outdoor gardens to explore the basics of growing plants and investigate solutions for many common plant problems. Along the way, discover foolproof plants, learn about the right plant for the right place and person, and even pick up a few specialty horticulture techniques for plants requiring a little extra care. Whatever your skill level, You Can Grow It has something for you!

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Do you think you can't grow anything? Afraid you have a black thumb? These foolproof houseplants are for you! What makes a plant foolproof?

Survives neglect, tolerates low light, and an occasional lack of moisture, resists insects and diseases. All plants are living organisms and therefore require some care, but these houseplants are among the easiest to care for and are great choices for developing your green thumb.

Foolproof plant recommendations -- Chinese evergreen, cast-iron plant, wax plant, aloe, spider plant, corn plant, golden pothos, snake plant, peace lily, asparagus fern