Garden Closed

Due to the closure of the U.S. Capitol Campus to the public, the U.S. Botanic Garden continues to have altered operations.  Bartholdi Fountain and Gardens and the Terrace Gardens are open while the Conservatory and gated outdoor gardens are temporarily closed. Please monitor for updates on operating status. Many resources can be accessed online, including educational materials, virtual tours, and online programs. Connect with resources from home at

Plants in Culture - A Sensory Experience


Life on earth begins with plants. Plants play a crucial role in the development of human cultures throughout the world, and are an important part of therapy, ornamentation, music, ceremony, language and many other enrichments to our everyday lives.

Discover that much of life's quality and meaning is expressed through plants with a sensory experience demonstrating the richness of plant contributions to human culture. Plants in Culture, in the West Gallery, features many sensory experiences, such as smelling the aromas and seeing the videos found in the larger-than-life plant sculptures of the "Garden of Ideas," or hearing voices speaking plant-inspired phrases in the "Temple" that is the centerpiece of Plants in Culture.