At Home Activities
Here are some great ideas for fun activities to do with plants at home. Be sure to try these with a parent or guardian; they will not only help look out for your safety – they can also help: 

  • Make garden journals to keep throughout the year (Use a book making technique and include monthly divisions, lined, plain and graph paper for pages. Provide time to write, draw, record and paste in your experiences after each garden time.
  • Tuck a bulb here and there to have some early spring flowers.
  • Have a lady bug release in April. Watch for the larvae and pupa in the garden before the end of school.
  • Transplant perennials. Perennials are plants that, in most areas, will live year after year.  Try lamb's ear – you'll love the soft leaves!
  • When Fall is on the way, make a scarecrow for your garden.  Hammer two narrow boards in a cross. Use old shirts, pants, shoes, mittens and accessories for the body. The head can be made from an old stuffed t-shirt.
  • Plant garlic cloves, carrots, radishes, turnips, beets, mustard greens and flower seeds recommended for fall planting.
  • Mulch with hay when plants are small to withstand cool weather.
  • Gather seeds from marigolds, cotton, native wildflowers and sunflowers to plant next year, or make a seed identification book. You can also use them in a drawing or collage.
  • Press flowers. Lay a sheet of cardboard on ground. Add two sheets of newspaper. Lay flowers separately and cover with two more sheets of newspaper. Keep adding layers and top off with another sheet of cardboard. Tie up with rubberbands or string and place under something heavy. Try to store pressed flowers in a cool, dry place. Wait ten days then take apart carefully.
  • Use the garden as a multicultural study to reflect your own, and your friends’, ethnic backgrounds by studying plant origins and continents, plant migration and gardening techniques from around the world.
  • Make flower prints with real flowers dipped in tempera then on paper.
  • Find all the wonderful books on gardens in the library.