pink orchid with sunlight behindWe invite you to connect with us here and explore from home. We're sharing virtual tours, online programs, plant spotlight stories, at-home activities for kids and families including coloring pages and lesson plans, videos, and more.

As we celebrated our 200th anniversary in 2020, we've also sharing photos and stories from our deeply-rooted history. Join us to celebrate the beauty and joy plants bring to the world!


Watch as the Garden grows and changes through the seasons, through photo and video. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily posts of what's happening in the Garden.

Pink American Beautyberry fall colors
Autumn Pinks - American Beautyberry and more
Venus flytraps
Venus flytraps and other carnivorous plants
Amorphophallus bulbifer blooms
Our Amorphophallus bulbifer plants are blooming and stinking!
Yellow rose flowers in the Rose Garden
Video: Tour of the Rose Garden 
Franklinia alatamaha flower and red leaves
Franklinia alatamaha - extinct in the wild, conserved by gardens
Purple sage blooms between tall trees
Bartholdi Park Wins Stormwater Retention Certification
Hundreds of pink and red tulips
Explore a Sea of Pink and Red Tulips
Hand holding stamens of magnolia flower
Video: Magnolia ashei flower morphology 
Bees on Pink flowers of eastern redbud tree
National Pollinator Day Feature: Bees
Corpse flower bloom 2020
Two corpse flowers bloom in 2020
carrion flower Stapelia gigantea
Plant spotlight: carrion flower (Stapelia gigantea)
1869 - First Conservatory with visitors in front
U.S. Botanic Garden turns 200! 


The Garden has plants from across the United States and around the world. Explore these virtual tours and find a new favorite plant!


Google Street View image of the U.S. Botanic Garden Rose Garden
Virtual Tour:
Outdoor Gardens
Google Street View of the Tropics house in the Conservatory
Virtual Tour: Conservatory
Video tour of Bartholdi Park in spring
Video Tour: Bartholdi Fountain and Gardens
Hundreds of colorful Vanda orchids hang against a white wall
Video Tour Series:  2020 Orchid Show



Join in virtual courses from the comfort of your own home. From botanic art classes to yoga to cooking demos and more, you'll find many ways to engage with the Garden's programs online.


Cooking at home online video
Online Cooking Demos
Girl doing upward dog yoga pose
Online Yoga
Marta McDowell talks about a tree in an online class
Online Programs, Talks, and Workshops
A hand holds a flower from the jade vine plant
Plant Morphology Learning Series
Paphiopedilum orchid
Learn about the USBG as a Plant Rescue Center
tinky flowers of black pepper
Learn about green, black, and white pepper
Plant Trivia
Weekly Plant Trivia
Pink rhododendron flowers
Native Plants: Rhododendron 'Choptank Rose'


The Garden has activities available for families and children of multiple ages. Discover coloring pages about our plant collections, at-home lessons, and more.


USBG coloring book - color our plants
#ColorOurCollection: USBG Coloring Book
Dissected flower showing inside parts
Lesson Plan: Flower to Seed, Seed to Flower
Looking inside a carnivorous pitcher plant
Exploring Inside a Carnivorous Plant
Print and fold orchid-gami
Print and fold your own Orchid-gami!