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All outdoor gardens are currently open. The Conservatory and public restrooms remain closed, due to the closure of the U.S. Capitol campus buildings. Please monitor for updates on operating status. USBG resources can be accessed online, including educational materials, virtual tours, and online programs by visiting

Flourish Inside and Out

Flourish exhibitMay 21 - October 2, 2016
Conservatory East Gallery and Terrace

From a walk in the woods to strolling through a park, and from gardening at home to visiting a public garden, therapeutic horticulture, nature therapy, and accessible gardening connect people to nature and themselves. Come learn how nature can improve human health and wellbeing. Demonstrated through accessible gardens, adaptive tools, engaging programs, and vignettes showcasing the intersection of humans and nature, a visit to the Garden will highlight how people flourish through interactions with plants. This exhibit, developed in consultation with the Horticultural Therapy Department of the Chicago Botanic Garden, will excite and motivate visitors to find their place through nature!

Associated programs:

  • 5/6/16 - Gardening Easy Button, Kerry Ann Mendez
  • 6/4/16 - Horticultural Therapy: The Slower We Go, The Faster We Get There, Lana Dreyfuss
  • 6/11/16 - Celebrate Flourish! USBG Staff & Volunteers
  • 6/16/16 - Flourish: An Overview, Ray Mims
  • 7/14/16 - Flourish: An Overview, Anna Mische John
  • veteran farming lavender, photo courtesy Denver Botanic Gardens7/15/16 - Hort Therapy Lecture, Matt Wichrowski
  • 7/22/16 - How Does Nature Impact Health?, Barb Kreski
  • 7/23/16 - Veteran's Container Gardening Day, Alicia Green
  • 7/30/16 - Horticultural Therapy in Action!, Edward Goodman
  • 8/6/16 - Canning with Natural Sweetners, Marisa McClellan
  • 8/13/16 - Therapeutic Garden Design Workshop, Clare Johnson
  • 8/14/16 - Young Children and Nature, Kay Knight
  • 8/17/16 - Flourish: An Overview, Ray Mims
  • 8/28/16 - Tea Making, Hilda Krus
  • 9/10/16 - Health Benefits of Natural Landscapes, Jerry Smith
  • 9/21/16 - Flourish: An Overview, Ray Mims
  • 9/30/16 - Gardening as We Age, Barb Kreski

On-going programming:

  • Saturdays - Practice with Love Yoga Gatherings: Stop and Smell the Roses, Heather Markowitz
  • Twice Monthly - Cooking Demonstrations, the Cook Sisters

Photo: veteran farming lavender, photo courtesy Denver Botanic Gardens