Plant Family Tree 
Our Plant Family Tree presents a selection of well-known plants arranged according to their evolutionary relatedness and age of diversification.The ancestors of plant families located on the tree’s lowest and “inner” branches evolved earlier in the history of plants than those found on the upper and outermost branches. Plants located along a branch are more closely related to each other than to families on different branches.





Cover of School Garden Guide

School Garden Guide

This guide will assist you with: starting a new school garden; maintaining an existing school garden; and providing high-quality garden-based instruction. This guide is intended for a broad audience including teachers, school administrators, community-based organization staff, community members, and parents. This guide was created by the United States Botanic Garden, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, and City Blossoms.

Greenhouse Manual
This is an introductory manual for educators wanting to better use new or existing greenhouses for programming. The manual clearly and concisely lays out a basic understanding of greenhouses, how to integrate them into lessons, and how to effectively use greenhouses in classroom curricula and out-of-school activities. The manual includes lesson plans as well as basic information on layout and operations of a greenhouse, growing plants (especially during the school year), growing from seed, seedling nutrition, identifying and treating disease and pest management in greenhouses, basic budgeting, and succession planting.


Additional Classroom Resources
Looking for more classroom resources? Contact USBG Children’s Education Specialist Lee Coykendall. Please also see our Programs & Events for upcoming teacher training programs at the U.S Botanic Garden.