A terrace garden features a large urn full of plants in multiple colors of green, plus a wooden table and chairs with a canvas umbrella

This month at the United States Botanic Garden, summer is providing beautiful varieties of plants to explore as well as educational programs to engage in. Whether you are native to Washington, D.C., or just here to visit, come check out what’s blooming, fruiting, and changing this July in the Garden. Educational programs with online options allow viewers to learn in the comfort of your own home or here at the Garden. Escape the July sun by enjoying one of our many chairs and benches in the shade and walk through thousands of plant species on display in the Conservatory. Learn about their importance in the environment and what makes them all unique. 

Educational Programs

July programs include virtual, in-person, and hybrid lecture programs, informational videos, and interactive workshops for hands-on learning. Register and join us for one or multiple of these activities in July.

Summer Vegan Dishes with Kendra Hazel (Online Cooking Demo)

Presenter: Kendra Hazel, Founder and Owner of Green Things Work

July 21   12:00pm - 1:00pm  

In our local chef series, we explore recipes from here at home to around the world and the plants that bring these recipes to life. This month, Chef Kendra demonstrates vegan cooking through a summer salad and a refresher beverage, highlighting the use of seasonal vegetables! Join us to discover dishes and cuisines that celebrate how plants shape our food and culture.

Please note: This program will be offered as a hybrid experience; our presenter will lead the program virtually, and we will be projecting the session in person at the Garden. You can join in two ways, described below.

  • Attend Online (Option 1): Register and join online through our online platform, Livestorm. 
  • Attend On-site (Option 2): No registration required, just drop-in to view the program on the screen in our West Gallery. Seating is first come, first served.


Coming soon in early August:

Battling Bugs at the USBG (Online Lecture)

Presenter: Chelsea McKinley, USBG Plant Health Specialist

 August 4th    12:00pm - 1:00pm  

Pests can plague gardens big and small, including the collections of the U.S. Botanic Garden. Join Chelsea for a fascinating lecture on how and why the USBG uses a process called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to battle the bugs and diseases that attack the collection. IPM uses ecological relationships — like predator and prey, or parasite and host — to target and take care of those pesky pests.


Community Events 

Find members of our team around the D.C. area at these local community events. We invite you to come with your questions about orchids and houseplants!

What’s Happening in the Outdoor Gardens

If you missed the Independence Day fireworks on the Mall, see vibrant colors blooming throughout the outdoor gardens. Spot tropical plants thriving in the humid D.C. weather as you escape the sun beneath shaded canopies.