Theresa Dahlman is the Garden's Exhibit Specialist, with more than 10 years of experience fabricating, managing and designing digital and physical exhibits. She has completed projects with museums across the country, including an interactive educational game about ocean pollution for the National Zoo, digital interactives for the Earl Scruggs Center, a rare books exhibit about rhinoceroses at the National Museum of Natural History, and more. Theresa previously was a partner at Dahlman Cook Productions and has worked at The National Museum of Natural History, Cortina Productions, and The Smithsonian Institution Office of Exhibit Central.

In addition to her design experience, Theresa has worked in materials conservation and construction as an Americorps Member with Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity and as a conservation technician with Conservation Solutions. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and woodworking. Theresa holds a BFA in Photography and Printmaking from James Madison University and an MA in Museum Studies from George Washington University.