Lecture: Ginkgo: The Tree that Time Forgot

Event Date: 
Thu, Apr 13, 2017

Sir Peter Crane, Oak Spring Garden Foundation, President
Perhaps the world's most distinctive tree, ginkgo has remained stubbornly unchanged for more than two hundred million years. A living link to the age of dinosaurs, it survived the great Ice Ages as a relic in China, but it earned its reprieve when people first found it useful about a thousand years ago. Today ginkgo is beloved for the elegance of its leaves, prized for its edible nuts, and revered for its longevity. This lecture will tell the fascinating story of a remarkable tree that people saved from extinction.

DATE: Thursday, April 13
TIME: 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
LOCATION: Conservatory Garden Court
FREE: Pre-registration required