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All outdoor gardens are currently open. The Conservatory and public restrooms remain closed, due to the closure of the U.S. Capitol campus buildings. Please monitor for updates on operating status. USBG resources can be accessed online, including educational materials, virtual tours, and online programs by visiting

Contract Opportunity: Community Engagement and Outreach Strategy Development

Contract Opportunity: Community Engagement and Outreach Strategy Development

The USBG is seeking a contractor to develop a three-year community outreach and engagement strategy that positions the Garden to reach more diverse audiences and strengthen our connection to communities in the Washington, D.C. area.

Proposals must be received by COB on July 19, 2021.

Questions may be submitted to Amy Bolton ( and Lance Farthing ( by July 8, 2021. All questions received and answers provided will be posted on this page, so please check back regularly.

Please reference the Statement of Work and Request for Quotations below.

Questions and Answers

Below are the questions received along with answers:

1. Is it required to complete and submit the RFQ with the rest of the proposal. If so, is it possible to get assistance to make sure it was completed correctly. Also does a cost need to be added for the whole project or divided between the five areas listed?

At a minimum complete sections 13 - 17d on the RFQ form 18. Pricing for each of the five tasks should be separated either on the RFQ or on your attached quote/proposal.

2. Is the service contract act included as a reference if any subcontractors are expected to be hired/used in the project? Do their estimated costs need to be included in the proposal? Vendor should assure all people working on the project be paid at the minimums set forth in the service contract act.

3. Does the "terms and conditions" form need to be signed and included. If so is it possible to get support on the following section: "AOC52.219-2 Small Business Representations and Certifications (Sep 2008) (a) The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this procurement is and the small business size standard is employees (if this requirement is for manufacturing or trade) or $ (if this requirement is for services, including construction). - I currently am unclear as to how to fill this section. Note on the top of the RFQ form 18 that the NAICS code (611710) with a size standard of $16.5 million in sales, sets the standard to qualify for a small business when completing section 14 of the RFQ form 18. You can complete the terms and conditions blanks with your applicable information or leave it blank.

4. Is an itemized budget expected to be provided in the proposal. How detailed should the provided proposed budget be? Is there an example available? An itemized budget is not required but the budget should include the total for the project with a call out for personnel and the price per tasks (i.e. meetings, research and analysis, etc.) and materials as well as any other significant costs.

5. Is there a budget range for the implementation of this work (post consulting costs) to provide an idea of the investment and size of project USBG is looking to engage in? Nothing to be released outside of the agency.

6. Does D.C. Area residents include Northern Virginia and MAryland (Pg County, Silver Spring, Montgomery County)? The primary audience is Washington, DC with an emphasis on Wards 7 & 8 but we are also interested in reaching Northern VA and the MD suburbs.

7. Is there a saved general webinar available that explains the process of preparing these documents properly for review? Not that I'm aware of.