Orchids growing on top of a tree branch
Conservatory and Capitol building from the National Garden in winter
Red and green coffee fruits along the plant's stems
Close-up photo of white orchid flower
Cherry blossoms in the Conservatory
Display of dried prairie plants with attached roots.
Daffodils blooming inside the USBG Conservatory in winter

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Purple orchid flowers with palm trunks in background. Orchid is Vanda coerulea
Each year, the U.S. Botanic Garden and Smithsonian Gardens partner to display hundreds of orchids from their permanent collections. Held at the National Museum of Natural History this year, the exhibit is focused on the intersection of science and beauty. Approximately 300 different orchids will be displayed on any given day of the show. Read more »
Landscape For Life shows you how to work with nature in your garden, no matter where you live, whether you garden on a city or suburban lot, a 20-acre farm or the common area of your condominium. Read more »
SITES v2 Rating System, the most comprehensive system for developing sustainable landscapes has been released by the Sustainable Sites Initiative(tm) for use by landscape architects, designers, engineers, architects, developers, policymakers and others who work in land design and development. Read more »
The National Fund supports the educational outreach activities at the U.S. Botanic Garden. Read more »